A Wild Sunday in the Scenic City

A friend of mine had decided to pay a visit to Chattanooga on Sunday, March 9th, since the weather was supposed to be significantly better than the day before. Little did we know that the traffic would be significantly better as well. After a quick visit to TVRM's East Chattanooga Soule Shops, we spent the morning at Coffey's Cliff at the northeast end of DeButts Yard. A "heads-up" message that had been posted the night before of southbound CN power on the CNO&TP had led us up the Third District, capturing NS's train 177 at Spring City, TN and again at TennBridge north of Chattanooga. A return to DeButts yard yielded yet more activity that lasted well beyond sunset. Many other friends came out to share in the day's photographic opportunities, which made the experience all that more enjoyable. A dinner at Olive Garden capped off a great day of shootin' trains!

Max does not approve of NS widecabs
CP Hixson, across the street from Smokin Ed's BBQ
Batman and son, Max

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