Here are some pix from the Railwatch weekend in Folkston, GA on April 12-13, 2003. The primary purpose of the event was for various railroad videographers to present their work inside the restored station, while simultaneously attempting to capture the passing rail traffic out the back door. I, however, took the opportunity to focus on the nature of non-organization-sponsored railfan events held at facilities provided by local municipalities for the exclusive use of observing trains. Simply put, I wanted to check out how a bunch of SERails members throw a railfanning party at the station and "The Platform" in Folkston.

I did not record any train symbols, since they did not pertain to what I was photographing. All of the shots (except the last one) were taken on Ektachrome E100GX slide film, and I was not impressed this film's results in regards to railroad photography. This film is better suited for people pictures, since it has a very warm tint, and does not replicate green tones as well as the Fuji line. Colors on the scans were corrected prior to saving the files, so comparisons to my regular Provia 100F slides/scans will be skewed.

Despite the fact that I did not spend much time at the event, I still had a great time watching the various videotapes, capturing the rail action in beautiful weather, meeting a bunch of guys in person from the SERails list, and conversing with other anonymous 'fans. A very good show, Danny.

A view of the platform from the Martin Street crossing. This platform is "Cadillac", complete with ceiling fans, lights, barbeque grill and picnic table, chairs and benches, little benches to set your cameras and scanners on, and a built-in scanner that picks up Russia on a bad day.
One northbound CSX train overtakes another as two railfans stay cool in the shadow of a motorhome.
"Aaaaaand, ACTION!!!" Several videographers roll the tape as a southbound train led with an ex-Conrail unit passes the station.
I took a break from photographing foamers to take a couple of compositional railroad shots, since I don't get down this way very often. I go after a "Midwestern" look.
... and now for the "Smalltown USA" look...
Another northbound gets held just south of the platform, and yet another n/b is rapidly approaching. With the setting sunlight starting to get "sweet", I set up for another pass shot.
The observers are getting wound up, as nothing but CSX GE and EMD widecabs are dominating the day. Then, suddenly, the 'fans go wild as a Warbonnet bears down on the hungry crowd!!!
'Fans and Alien Recovery Unit specialists converse as another northbound passes.
The action does not stop when the sun goes down. I hit the sack early, and then get trackside by 6am the next morning to take advantage of the sodium vapor floods by the platform for some dramatic night photography.
The gates drop at Main Street as a northbound approaches.
An SD50/SD40-2 pair streaks by a videographer and several other sleeping 'fans. "You know you are an Idiot Railfan if - you sleep overnight on the Folkston Platform, in a couple of chairs, with several blankets piled up on top of you, and you're snoring louder than the passing trains!" And there were several more dedicated 'fans sleeping in their cars...
The dawn begins to penetrate the spiritual railfan grounds, as a southbound gets the green and prepares to dive below a lone 'fan set up on an overpass.
...And yet another southbound catches a beam of the rising sun at the Main Street crossing.
Two different exposures taken from just beyond the platform. I personally like the composition, but the tall tree shadows behind the platform make for some very difficult exposure control.

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