UP SD70M 4373 leads an eastbound intermodal train through a location referred to as Monolith. The train passes in front of a mountain covered with windmills as well as under a cloud looking like a UFO.
The next train to come by is a westbound BNSF intermodal, which we catch again in the town of Tehachapi as they do a roll by inspection due to tripping the defect detector.
Migration leads us further west and back down to the loop. An eastbound BNSF train proves to be loaded with power.
We catch bnsf 4979 again on the upper end of tunnel 10. The brace of power becomes visible, but the sun craps out, so we move back down to tunnel 9.
The beauty of true heritage - a warbonnet leads an eastbound out of Walong and towards tunnel 9 on the loop.
The DPU helper set cut into the middle contains a classic EMD and two big GE's.
BNSF 4543 shows up again with its three GE sisters and the classic GP35, as it crosses the creek at Walong.
The next eastbound had a solid set of classic warbonnets, and is crossing on top of itself as it rides the crest over tunnel 9.
The setting sun plays games with the landscape and a westbound BNSF intermodal train that begins its downward decent to pass underneath itself in a minute or so. After it passes, we decide to head towards Caliente to catch the last of any action before the light all but disappears for the night.
We set up on the hill above tunnel 2, where many other railfans that had attended the previous day's Winterrail event had gathered. BNSF 5326 shows up for us again, and snakes its way along the hillside before diving into the tunnel and racing the setting sun down to Bakersfield.
The next morning we set up between tunnels 1 and 2 to take full advantage of the morning sun. The hillsides were covered with these little orange wildflowers, which blend quite well with a four unit lashup of premium pumpkins.
As the next train approaches, we all change angles to break up the "groupthink".
A red and silver warbonnet leads another westbound downgrade towards tunnel 1.

Last updated 05/21/02