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With an upcoming organized railfan weekend in downtown Dalton, GA coming up November 16th and 17th, I decided to post some photos that I have taken in this area. I have photographed here on several occasions in the short time I have lived in the area, and have come to appreciate the variety of traffic that NS and CSX provides. CSX's former Western & Atlantic/NC&StL/L&N main between Chattanooga and Atlanta crosses over NS's former Southern Rwy line between Cohutta (just north of Dalton, where the lines from Chattanooga and Knoxville come together) and Atlanta in downtown Dalton.

"OOOHHH!!!" Here's a good unit to start off my little presentation. This CSX train was caught behind "The Dalton Depot", which is the former W&A/NC&StL station that has been beautifully restored into a restaurant and bar.
A southbound local with four high-hood geeps - three GP38-2's and one GP50 - cross over the CSX yard lead and pass "The Dalton Depot" (extreme left). The CSX main is on the left. I'm standing on the Gordon Street Bridge.
Looking south off of Gordon Street, we can see where the NS main crosses the CSX. Both mains split into into double trackage just after this junction. The track on the right is some form of interchange track.
Okay, there's the bridge I was standing on. I'm now in the Wachovia parking garage with my wide angle lens. This is a great location, since you get some good elevation with the sun to your back, but you really can't use any lens greater than 50mm.
This is looking towards the south from the parking garage, as I nail one of those monster power moves heading for Chattanooga. I'm using Agfa Scala B&W slide film here - my slide scanner doesn't like the high contrast from this film. The location of that microwave tower kinda sucks.
This is the view from the small parking lot between the parking garage and the old Southern Rwy station. I'm waiting for a better shot of a pair of BNSF B40-8's that I nailed here last week (10/4/02) to come back from the developers.
NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Why? Because this is the home of the MANLY Jail Works!!!
Here's a southbound NS autorack train passing under that same signal cantilever.
It seems that one of every three CSX trains around here has leased or foreign power. This one holds true to form, as these two SD40-2's, one CSX owned and one HLCX owned, head south past the old SOU station.
If you take Abutment Road south off of Walnut Street, it will take you down where the two mains pass thru all of the carpet mills. At the Industrial Boulevard crossing, I nail this SD70MAC and GE teammate accelerating for Atlanta.
Another CSX southbound with three SD40's - two CSX and one not - heads past the carpet mills and tall grass.
About seven miles along the NS main to the north of Dalton is the little village of Varnell. I'm standing on the GA route 2 bridge as this southbound loaded coal train is ready to dive under me.
...And about seven miles along the CSX main to the north of Dalton is the little village of Tunnel Hill (named after a hole in the side of the adjacent hill - go figure). CSX gets wild with this "Winged" UP SD60M leading an SP SD70M, a CSX GE, and a leaser GE as they head north for Chattanooga.
Looking towards the west (timetable north), the town of Tunnel Hill offers the simplicities of life: a church; a covered bridge; a grain mill; an active rail line; and lots of trees.

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